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Loading products into transport packages – a task with a wide range of possibilities

When designing your machine, we take into account the shape of your product, the speed requirements, possible ways of gripping the product and the space available on site, as well as any other requirements that you may have. On the basis of these factors we choose the perfect pick-and-place module for you, as well as the most suitable type of collating system and the matching type and size of gripper head, and adapt them to your project requirements.


Highest flexibility

Thanks to its rugged welded frame and the integration of custom-tailored collating units and gripper systems as well as customised conveyor equipment, the conventional case packer offers numerous possibilities for use – it can handle almost everything!

Konventioneller Packer


One for all

Fitted with universal or exchangeable gripper heads, this six-axes robot can perform several jobs even in a very confined space. This makes it the perfect solution for automating subsequent operations within the packaging line, especially in low-ceiling areas.


Compact and versatile

Thanks to its compact design and the integrated case erecting unit, this monoblock packer is a place-saving alternative to convential packaging systems. A great variety of products can be processed at a speed of up to 14 cases per minute. The cases can optionally be sealed with hot glue or self-adhesive tape. The universal gripper head including its rotating unit are customised to the project requirements to ensure optimum performance in handling your product.


Concentrated robot technology in confined spaces

Due to its compact design, this machine is perfectly suitable for the entry into automation. By using versatile industrial robots, a great variety of products can be processed with this system. The roboblock can optionally be fitted with a fully automatic changeover feature including automatic change of gripper heads.


Fast and powerful

This machine is the perfect solution for packing lightweight products that have to be picked up individually and packed at high speeds. By using optimised gripping or vacuum systems, the products can be picked up quickly and safely from the infeed conveyor belt (line tracking) and loaded into the transport packaging.


ETT are looking forward to implement your project in close cooperation with you. Send us a non-binding enquiry, our team would be pleased to give you advice.


Wir bieten Ihnen die perfekte Vorsammlung für die von Ihnen benötigte Leistung, Produktart und Packmatrix

Von einer einfachen Reihenvorsammlung für geringe Produktleistungen bis zu Kanalgruppierung Linienverteiler für die höchste Leistungsklasse. Optional ist z.B. eine Farbsortimentierung oder auch Produkttransport in Trägersystemen verfügbar. Auf Basis unserer langjährigen Erfahrung wählen wir aus unserem Standardprogramm das geeignetste System aus und integrieren es (ggf. mit projektspezifischen Anpassungen) in das Packmodul.


Abhängig vom Produkt, der Umverpackung, der gewählten Vorsammlung und der geforderten Leistung wird die für Sie wirtschaftlichste Greiferkopfkonstellation ausgewählt.

Das komplette oben dargestellte Greiferkopfportfolio wird im eigenen Haus gefertigt.