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It all starts with depalletisation

When the primary packaging is delivered on a pallet, it needs to be depalletised for to the filling process. We offer the perfect solution for the orderly depalletisation of theses products. Depending on the product properties and speed requirements, the products are unloaded either row by row or layer by layer, and can be placed on a layer table or directly onto the supply conveyor of the filling system. This system is suitable not only for empty packages but also for filled containers made of plastic, glass or aluminium.


The head makes the difference

The state-of-the-art PLC systems of the depalletiser ensure ease of operation and high flexibility in production. In addition, the depalletiser offers high process-reliability and ease of changeover to different product sizes, thanks to its gripper head designed and made by ETT, while keeping maintenance costs and energy consumption at low levels.

Whereas large containers (e. g empty canisters) are usually depalletised row by row, unstable products such as empty cans require a different approach. For these products, we delevoped an electromechanically controlled layer gripper head for reliable and gentle product handling. This head unloads a complete layer from the pallet and places it onto a layer table for separation. When choosing the perfect gripper system, the size of the product as well as the positional accuracy on the pallet are decisive factors. ETT’s experts will find the perfect solution for your needs.


Abhängig vom Produkt, der Umverpackung, der gewählten Vorsammlung und der geforderten Leistung wird die für Sie wirtschaftlichste Greiferkopfkonstellation ausgewählt.

Das komplette oben dargestellte Greiferkopfportfolio wird im eigenen Haus gefertigt.



ETT are looking forward to implement your project in close cooperation with you. Send us a non-binding enquiry, our team would be pleased to give you advice.