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Mission, Vision & Values

The ETT-Group has been successfully developing for over 35 years. Our mission, vision and values guide us towards this success. 

Our Vision

We want to become one of the top 3 suppliers of end-of-line packaging equipment in the world in the food, washing agents and detergents, body care and chemicals industries. Our growth is based on a sustainable company development. Our all-in-one solutions are characterised by modularity, high performance and fast changeover procedures.

Our Mission

Our customers from the food/beverages, detergents, body care, pharmaceutical and chemical industries meet ever new trends in end-of-line packaging. Especially the trend towards sustainable and efficient packaging creates new requirements for both packaging material and equipment.
That is why we are committed to developing innovative all-in-one solutions for end-of-line packaging in close cooperation with our customers. Our employees perform all steps of the process from development, installation and commissioning to site acceptance testing and after-sales service. Based on standard modules, our all-in-one solutions are characterised by versatility, high performance and reliability.

our actions are based on the values