After-Sales Service

ETT’s after-sales service team provides technical support and advice for all aspects of system operation and offers all after-sales services required for maintaining the equipment such as spare parts, machine modifications or additional change parts. In addition, our service team provides prompt assistance in the event of technical fault or malfunction.

ETT regards its customer service as comprehensive customer support that goes beyond conventional “after-sales service…. Its main objective is a high level of customer satisfaction with regard to ETT’s products and services.


ETT – Service for you

  • service all over Europe
  • maintenance and service contracts
  • immediate spare parts delivery thanks to a large depot and an own production department
  • help via online modem

Online help
Thanks to Fredelsloh’s position in the centre of Germany and the proximity to the airports Hanover and Frankfurt, the service technicians are available quickly by aeroplane anywhere in the world. In the ages of the internet, ETT can assist quickly online.

Skilled service technicians
The service technicians are very familiar with the ETT final packaging systems: Most have been trained at ETT and have been with ETT for many years. They are continually trained in maintenance and care of the systems. If a customer likes to modify his packaging system, it is often ETT’s service staff, that who originally installed the machine would attend the system. Our target: “We are trying to be the best for our customers and to increase our performances more and more.“