Industry Solutions – ETT for end-of-line-packing systems

End-of-line-packing machines by ETT-Verpackungstechnik are used in various sectors of industrial production.

Bags containing washing agents are reliably loaded into cases … more.

Detergents are usually sold in plastic bottles
… more.

Experienced business: End-of-line-packing of body care articles in plastic … more.

When it comes to handling aerosol cans containing products … more.

Hardly any other industry uses as many different types of packaging … more.

Beverage Indutry

In this sector, ETT focuses on equipment for handling bottles …more.

Barrels, containers: ETT offers ideal end-of-line-packing-concepts … more.

When it comes to palletisation or depalletisation of infusion bags … more.

Office Articles

ETT offers its extensive experience with office articles to the industry … more.


Efficient packing solutions for the electronics industry
… more.

Photographic Industry

The photo industry uses sensitive materials – an ideal area … more.

Chemical Industry

Chemical products are often sold in plastic bottles or canisters … more.