ETT Verpackungstechnik creates the matching software for its computer-controlled packing systems. The software is programmed to suit the requirements of the particular packing process to ensure optimal system operation right from the start.

Palletising programme “AutoPack…

“AutoPack… is ETT’s software module for efficient robotic palletisation! This palletising software allows you to comfortably create palletising patterns on the PC: it creates the dataset for the robot controller as well as a simulation of the entire palletising process for testing and time measuring purposes. In the next step the palletising sequence is transmitted to the robot controller, deleting the old dataset.
ETT’s software module accelerates programming processes for robotic palletisation significantly and transmits planning data from the engineering office to the shop floor. The exact arrangement of the cases on the pallet can be calculated quickly without the need of time-consuming teach processes. Additional benefit: the machine downtime for size changeovers can be reduced significantly.