Sorting Units

A great variety of products offered in a confined space – this is the discounters’ formula for success. Several different versions of one product, such as shampoos or different flavours of snack products, are presented in the same case or tray.

ETT designs and manufactures turn-key systems for assorted product packing.

These systems allow the customer to react quickly to the requirements of the market.

ETT’s experts design and implement various types of sorting units:

  • Assortment of random fed products with colour recognition
  • Assortment of products that are supplied unmixed from the filling plant and merged by the sorting unit.

ETT packaging systems handle the products very gently. Unstable plastic bottles for example are indexed by clamping belts and pressure sensitive cardboard cans are indexed into the system by means of scrolls. These end-of-line packing systems allow producers to meet additional requirements of the trade, e. g. to react flexibly to customer demands by supplying varying amounts of different product types in the same case or tray. Crisps for instance: if paprika crisps are the best-selling flavour this type should make up the largest proportion inside the tray. When demands change ETT’s sorting system can be modified accordingly to meet new requirements. ETT’s sorting system can of course be complemented with other modules, e. g. by integrating an upstream depalletising system.