Packaging machines – ETT for end-of-line-packing systems

ETT’s end-of-line-packing systems are modularly designed. Tried-and-tested system modules such as case erectors, packers/top loaders or case sealers are combined to customised turn-key packing system. This concept ensures an optimal price/performance ratio.

Fast, reliable and precise case erecting and sealing
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Trays are designed individually.
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A great variety of products offered in a confined space
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Wrap-around packaging, the ideal solution for the P.O.S.

The key element of all ETT-packing systems is the modularly designed … more.

A compact, flexible way to pack your products safely and efficiently … more

Trouble-free and reliable bag handling with packing systems by ETT … more.

ETT’s packing systems are designed for closing and sealing … more.

ETT’s case lidders apply a cover tray to a filled bottom
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