RoboBlock for the flexible job

The customer‘s requirement for the packaging solution was to pack plastic bottles and canisters of various sizes (0.25 l – 5.0 litres) into cases. The solution as a central part of the packaging line is an

ETT-RoboBlock RB 8 with
■ integrated case erecting
■ incl. product insertion
■ plus case closing module
■ with a maximum capacity of
6 cases / min.

Pivoting, flexible gripper head
The blanks are picked out of the magazine with the combination tool, unfolded and made available for the packaging process. The pre-collation is used to arrange the products in layers. The ­layers are then gripped by the robot with the combination tool and packed into the case, which is then closed, top and bottom with ­self-adhesive tape.

ETT‘s RoboBlock system is characterised by its very compact design and good accessibility. Thanks to the automatic tool change it can be quickly ­format changed and adapted to ­customer-specific requirements if necessary.