Everything from one (robot) hand

"Honey, have you fed the dog yet?" This is what it sounds like in thousands of German households every day. To ensure that the vital animal food reaches the shops and the consumers undamaged it is packed in cases. For a long-term ETT customer and manufacturer of high-quality dry pet food, a packaging solution was designed that reliably performs several tasks at once.

Firstly, the bags with pet food are provided for the Roboblock RB 15 by means of double vertical layer pre-collection. It then packs the bags into previously erected cases, which have the base flaps sealed with hot-melt glue. Finally, the system automatically palletises the packed cases for distribution.

The system can flexibly handle several bags and cases, even of different sizes and can pack up to 80 bags or 15 cases per minute. The 4-axis MPL 160 industrial palletising robot places all these cases on pallets. The system is very compact and optimally accessible. This saves valuable space and time as well. Thanks to fast changeover and automatic tool change, the different formats can be changed quickly when required.


With a few customer-specific adjustments, the customer now benefits from

  • an optimum overall package in terms of space requirements and performance for packaging and palletising
  • a compact design
  • quick changeover, easily accessible cleaning
  • automatic tool change (optional)