Dynamic turnkey system

For this customer requirement, the interaction of two robots provides a solution ”as a team“. Here as well, various advantages of ETT‘s systems prove their worth: flexible packaging of different products, quick changeover as well as automatic tool change.

The RoboBlock RB 12
■ 1 robot with tool head for case erection
■ 1 robot is used to insert the products
■ plus 1 robot as downstream palletising robot

”Teamwork“ of the two robots
Thanks to a dedicated distribution of tasks, the two robots of the RB 12 work in ”teamwork“ to achieve a much higher performance while maintaining the same flexibility. All in all, this efficiency results in a dynamic complete system.

Complete system with several advantages:
■ Compact design, easily accessible
■ Customer-specific adaptations
■ Quick changeover - also thanks to automatic tool change
■ Packaging and palletising from a single source

ETT modules & solutions
■ RoboBlock RB 12 (with 2 robots)
■ Palletizing robot
■ 100 bottles / min.
■ 12 cases / min.
■ 17 pallets / hrs.