ETT-Code of Conduct

1 Abidance by the law.

ETT follows the principle of legality.

All our business activities are conducted in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, and in our relations with customers and business partners we put great emphasis on frankness and honesty.

Each employee of ETT is obliged to abide by the law and to follow all internal rules and guidelines at all times.

2 Avoidance of conflict of interest.

ETT avoids conflicts of interest.

A conflict of interest arises when personal, private interests are incompatible with professional interest. For instance, a conflict of interest can occur when an employee has a secondary employment. That is the reason why every secondary employment has to be reported to ETT’s Management Board. Moreover, ETT’s employees are not allowed to accept business advantages without the prior consent of ETT’s Management Board. In case of doubt, the employee concerned should approach ETT’s Management Board to discuss the situation.

3 Prohibition of fraud, bribery and corruption

ETT rejects and does not tolerate any form of bribery and corruption. ETT’s employees are obliged to abide by the applicable laws and – above all - to refuse to participate in acts of fraud, bribery or corruption. Our employees may only accept or grant benefits if the acceptance/granting of such benefits in no way creates an impression of intentional or actual influence on the decision-making process. In case of doubt, the employee concerned should report any such benefits accepted from or granted to third parties to ETT’s Management Board to discuss further proceedings.

4 Confidentiality

ETT respects data privacy and confidentiality.

ETT’s employees are not allowed to disclose confidential business information or business secrets such as financial data, business strategies or planned transactions to unauthorized persons. This confidentiality obligation shall survive the termination of the employment with ETT.

At the same time, ETT respects the confidential nature of information owned by our customers and suppliers. Any information disclosed to ETT by a customer or supplier will be treated with the same level of confidentiality and care as ETT’s own information.

5 Fair business conduct

ETT respects the rules of fair competition.

Having developed from a small, regional family business to a globally operating company over the past years, ETT is aware of its responsibility and undertakes to follow the rules of fair business conduct and to comply with the competition and antitrust laws. In particular, ETT rejects price rigging with competitors and supports fair business relations with customers and suppliers.  

6 Prohibition of discrimination and bullying at work

ETT values its customers and suppliers, as well as its own employees.

We reject any form of discrimination on grounds of race, ethical background, sex, religion, ideology, inability, age or sexual identity. ETT respects the dignity of every human being and we expect our employees to adopt this principle and to treat others with respect.

7 Health and safety at work

The health and safety of our employees has top priority for us.

We take appropriate measures to prevent health issues and accidents at the workplace.

Our employees are instructed and trained in all aspects of Operation Health and Safety at regular intervals.

8 Protection of the environment

ETT respects and protects the environment.

All applicable laws, standards and procedures are integrated into our internal processes and are complied with at all levels.

We make sure that all regulations with respect to emissions, waste water management as well as the disposal of waste and hazardous materials are complied with at all times.

With the application of these rules we strive to continuously reduce or even avoid environmental pollution.

9 The quality of our work

The name ETT stands for quality.

All our employees are continually working to maintain the quality of our products and processes.

Many years ago, we implemented a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 which is validated and audited on a regular basis.