Pharmaceutical Industry

When it comes to palletisation or depalletisation of infusion bags, bottles and vials, ETT is the right partner for automating your end-of-line packing processes!

ETT also integrates packing systems into superordinate control systems while ensuring gentle product handling and complete tracking of every single product.

Palletising and depalletising of infusions pouches – three product lines, twelve robots

One million infusion pouches leave Europe’s most advanced production facility for infusion solutions every day. ETT Verpackungstechnik implemented the palletising and depalletising systems up- and downstream of the steriliser and assumed the entire project management for three production lines with twelve robots in total.

Once the infusion containers have left the production plant they are automatically transferred to a carrier conveyor system by ETT. The containers are collated before being loaded into sterilising trays by a 4-axis robot. In the next step, another robot stacks the trays on top of each other. These stacks are automatically supplied to the steriliser. After sterilisation the process is carried out in reverse order: the trays are unstacked and unloaded by a robot with a special gripper head that consists of 119 grippers for loading 119 bottles into carriers in one cycle. In the final step the products are supplied to the end-of-line packing system.