Updated Information about the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on ETT Verpackungstechnik

Dear Sir or Madam,

The effects of the present coronavirus crisis have restricting impacts on the economic development in Germany. As these impacts do also affect the ETT Group, we would like to inform you about our current situation and the safety measures taken by ETT.

In an effort to maintain our business operations to the full extent, our management ordered the following measures to be taken as of 10th March:

  • All employees are made aware of the prescribed hygiene measures and safety distances.
  • ETT’s staff is divided into groups that work separately from each other at different times and places.
  • Where reasonably possible, employees to work from home. These persons are able to work and can be contacted by phone or email.
  • The availability of material is monitored continuously to make sure that sufficient quantities of   essential material are permanently in stock.
  • External visitors are not allowed to enter ETT’s premises until further notice.
  • All ETT service technicians returning from abroad are put under quarantine for two weeks.


Last week, five ETT-employees tested positive for Covid-19. At that time, they had already been

working from home. They are now under official quarantine, as well as all persons who had contact with them.


Besides the health of our employees, our top priority is to maintain our ability to supply and support our customers. Thanks to the precaution measures taken, all our departments and units are                       functioning. We do not have any shortages or bottlenecks in the material supply at present and we are confident that, with the support of our suppliers, we will be able to prevent them as far as possible.

We are making every effort to reduce the effects on current orders to a minimum. You can support us by instructing your staff to comply with all the precaution measures recommended or ordered by the health authorities, and by showing your solidarity with ETT and their employees by placing orders with us, allowing us to process your orders and making your payments in due time as usual.

However, in spite of all these precautions, we might not be able to avoid delays in our production processes, should the worst case happen. We hope you will understand that ETT will not be liable for any delays in delivery beyond their influence and control (“force majeure”). We will of course continue to monitor the present situation and keep you informed about current events, especially if they have an impact on your project.


Yours faithfully

Thomas Wedemeyer
Managing Director