Packing bottles ”on-the-fly“

ETT standard modules solve many tasks for - from a packaging point of view - ”challenging“ products: packaging of plastic bottles with integrated cap into cases for an international leading company in the field of household hygiene.

The line
■ ETT robot packing module with
■ double scroll pre-collation unit
■ synchronized moving row gripper head
■ Case erector A 892 HL
■ Case closer V 872 HL

This very ”dynamically“ designed packaging line turns the bottles by 90 degrees with a double scroll, continuously picks them up in a flow movement with a robot by means of an 18x1 row gripper head and places them in several cases, either single or double facing.

”Sensitive“ form bottles
Due to its integrated lid without a round cap that provides a good grip, packing ­always requires a certain ”intuition“ of the (packing) robot. For these and similar technical challenges ETT GmbH solutions have been highly appreciated by customers in the market for many years.

ETT modules & solutions
■ Case erector A 892 HL
■ 6-axis packing robot
■ Case closer V 872 HL
■ 200 bottles / min.
■ 35 cases / min.